2012.03.29 B&W&S Birthday

This one did not turn out like I hoped. Bleh. First shot at glitter glue. I learned they are not all created equal. Still learning – someday I’ll get this layout and color stuff going…

2012-03-29_21-45-59_51edited     2012-03-29_21-45-48_238edited


2012.03.18 Birthday Popup Flowers

I made this for a dear friend. I wanted to try a popup card. And I wanted a spray of flowers. This card was huge opened 12×12.

2012-03-20_08-00-38_219     2012-03-20_08-00-16_680

2012-03-18_15-10-14_93     2012-03-18_15-10-06_197


2012.03.06 Seen in the Wilds of North Idaho

Don’t recall where we were but I did take this picture. A talent with vinyl. Love it!



2012.03.05 Birthday Jonquils

Another alignment nightmare with print and cuts that were off!!! I remember trying them a couple of times and got the same offset. Decided it was OK. The inside I printed the flowers and words. The sentiment was cut with the Cameo and glued down. Learned that cut lettering can be tricky!

2012-03-05_15-41-40_495     2012-03-05_15-42-02_919

2012.02.20 Gears

I don’t even remember  who this card was made for. Or where the pattern came from. (My apologies to the creator!) I remember that I didn’t like the see thru of the gears so I uncoupled everything to make a background. Took some node editing – another first for me. Such a pain it was that first time. Much easier with practice!!

2012-02-20_14-12-57_50     2012-02-20_14-13-17_208

2012.02.20 Birthday Card-Natasha

Another birthday card. Using print and cut for the first time. turned into quite the challenge to get everything all aligned. Also used the sketching function for the inside sentiment. I think it turned out OK. I’m not so comfortable with pinks – I am a black/white/red kinda gal. Today, I would have put a piece of paper under the striped one to frame it so it would stand off a bit more. Still learning.

2012-02-20_14-12-27_293     2012-02-20_14-12-41_504

2012.02.18 Birthday Card-Karla

Next attempt. Fun sketches and pet papers.  Not liking the double lines.  Learning more about sketching with the Cameo. Still excited about learning, though. More lessons learned.

2012-02-18_07-44-30_447     2012-02-18_07-45-09_506

2012.02.13 First Cameo Card

Tired of cutting out Idaho by hand, I ordered a Silhouette Cameo. Believe it or not, in the four (?) years I’ve owned it I haven’t even made another Idaho card… The first card I made was a Valentines day card for a friend. A lot of firsts: first time for vinyl, first project using the Cameo (I had been using it to cut and learn but no official projects until this one,) first time using sketch pens, first card mailed to a friend. I didn’t like how the flocking showed through the vinyl. Lesson learned.

2012-02-13_20-00-16_70     2012-02-13_20-00-31_803

2012.01.17 Wedding Table Decor

Made these little globes for a wedding. Couldn’t find a pic of the completed items, though. They had a pair of doves in them and all of them were blue. First time ever for slice forms and tying the birds into the center was difficult. Everyone oohed and aahed. I didn’t get it. But then, I don’t get weddings either. I think I made a total of twenty of them.


First Cards

My first cards were iris folded cards. I would hand cut the apertures with an Exact-o knife then fill them in. Then I made some Idaho cards and sold them. Here is an example.