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2012.03.29 B&W&S Birthday

This one did not turn out like I hoped. Bleh. First shot at glitter glue. I learned they are not all created equal. Still learning – someday I’ll get this layout and color stuff going…

2012-03-29_21-45-59_51edited     2012-03-29_21-45-48_238edited


2012.02.20 Gears

I don’t even remember  who this card was made for. Or where the pattern came from. (My apologies to the creator!) I remember that I didn’t like the see thru of the gears so I uncoupled everything to make a background. Took some node editing – another first for me. Such a pain it was that first time. Much easier with practice!!

2012-02-20_14-12-57_50     2012-02-20_14-13-17_208